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Constantly changing information

Up-to-date product knowledge is key for sales and customer satisfaction figures in a wide range of departments. Both sales teams and customer service agents need to have this knowledge top of mind. But since products, product features, (warranty) conditions, product ranges, etc. change all the time, it is extremely important that employees get proper training and that the training material will be updated on a continuous basis. Drillster can help you with that.

Simple and quick editing

Making learning content is simple. And when you need to add new information or make changes, you can easily edit the modules yourself. Send a quick message in the app to everyone who needs to know that there is new content available, so that they can get started with it right away. Employees will feel empowered and you get insight into knowledge gaps that you could address more specifically. This way, you will all be working together to boost employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

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