The benefits

Drillster keeps critical competencies top of mind, so people can deliver top performance using the right knowledge at the right time.

Lack of knowledge and skills can lead to delays and mistakes and even fines and accidents. For learning to be truly effective in the long term, formal and corporate learning should be effortful, meaningful, contextual and continuous. It is our vision to provide a renewed focus on knowledge anchoring and skills retention with a truly effective and efficient learning methodology.

40% faster learning and 10% better results*

Greater learning impact in less time, so you can perform with the right skills at the right time.

*Utrecht University has researched the effectiveness of the Drillster app.

Unique learning methodology

Identify knowledge gaps and solve them with effective learning and efficient repetition of knowledge and competencies.

Optimized business effectiveness

Reduce risk, stress, and mistakes in the workplace, leading to fewer fines and accidents, and better performance.

Higher learner engagement

From knowledge and awareness to behavioral change. Perform with the right skills at the right time.

Adaptive learning on a micro level

Make learning more efficient and truly personalized for every individual with micro adaptivity.

Continuous retention

The smart algorithm calculates the individual’s forgetting curve and applies spaced repetition to push drills at optimal intervals for maximum memorization.

Insights into proficiency levels

Keep track of your (or your learners’) past, current and future level of knowledge, and report a higher ROI on learning.

Mobile learning

Facilitate learning with ease and flexibility, without any time-related or geographical barriers. Available in 17 languages.

Intuitive authoring tool

Easily create and adjust learning content yourself (or let us help you), and continuously bring it to the attention of participants.

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