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Constantly changing product features, online shopping, the growing importance of sustainability, a pressure to cut prices and increasingly critical and demanding customers. Up-to-date product knowledge and good contact and sales skills are essential. But how do you ensure that this knowledge is actually retained? It is possible with Drillster!

More about the Drillster way of learning

Why learn with Drillster?

  • It is a highly innovative, different way of learning.
  • 40% more efficient and 10% more effective: better results in less time.
  • 24/7 tracking of return on learning.
  • Edit your content yourself any time and anywhere.
  • Developing, maintaining and anchoring knowledge and skills.
  • Future-proof: the app will calculate your future proficiency level and alert you to brush up so that your knowledge will not disappear.
  • Drillster gives you the ultimate level of knowledge, skills, and self-confidence.

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All the benefits for you

Drillster is already helping numerous retail organizations boost their sales figures and develop and secure the knowledge and skills of their staff. Both for their onboarding and their Permanent Education program, with the advantage:

  • Staff at stores, customer contact centers, and warehouses learn more efficiently and effectively.
  • The right level of knowledge not only after training but the whole year-round.
  • Sales figures increase, while the number of complaints decreases.
  • Temporary workers are brought up to speed in no time, bringing immediate results for the organization.
  • Satisfied customers through good product information and pleasant experience in the store.
  • Reduction of staff turnover, training costs, etc.
  • Employees can track their own progress and proficiency levels, which brings them self-confidence

More benefits

Drillster for retail

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