Our story

What is the origin of the Drillster way of learning? Who are the masterminds behind the Drillster app? Marco and Thomas are the guys who are responsible for this new learning method. Check out the Drillster story!

Let’s get to know each other


Cramming information, plowing through thick syllabi and acing an exam. But when someone asks you a few weeks later what you have learned, you have no idea. All that new knowledge has simply vanished. Sounds familiar?

We, Marco van Sterkenburg and Thomas Goossens, also signaled this in 2010 when we both worked at a large, international bank. We saw the frustration among colleagues: despite all the time and effort they put into learning, the same things were still going wrong on the work floor, even though everyone did their best to learn and develop themselves further. There must be another way, we thought. Learning shouldn’t be frustrating. It should be easy, smart and effective. It has to help you get the best out of yourself. Not only now, but always.

A new way of learning

But how do you make that happen? How do you ensure that your knowledge doesn’t fade, but that knowledge and skills are retained? How do you learn all year round, and keep your knowledge up to date? And how great would it be if you could do all of that without spending too much time and effort on it? We found the answers to these questions in educational science and neuroscience, and in classical theories and recent research. We combined this knowledge with today’s technology and Drillster was born. A new way of learning: question-based, adaptive and future-proof.

The Drillster app

Together, we developed the new Drillster learning method. Technology, science, big data and a smart algorithm all wrapped up in one useful application for PC’s, smartphones, and tablets. 

Drillster helps you develop, maintain and anchor knowledge and skills with greater ease, more efficiently and more effectively. You learn by answering questions. Each small set of questions makes up what we call a ‘drill’. The app works in an adaptive way, meaning that it learns from you and automatically adapts itself to your level and pace.

It will identify what you already know and what you still need to work on. The app then selects your questions for a drill accordingly, so you learn from Drillster and Drillster learns from you. It is a personalized form of training, as you keep learning and updating your knowledge. And all of that in a highly efficient and effective way.

A unique and differentiating aspect of Drillster compared to any other method is that Drillster prevents your knowledge from fading. Drillster will send you a notification reminding you to brush up on your knowledge, exactly when you need to. This way, you are always up to date and have plenty of time left over to do the things that matter most to you. Drillster learns from you, for you and with you.

Work, school, hobby

It turned out to be a real discovery. Drillster helps people across the globe to get the most out of themselves, from airline pilots, nurses, sales staff and managers, to students, language learners, and referees. They are all learning the smart and easy way using the Drillster app. Every day. Whether it is for work, for school or for a hobby, we are here to help you achieve continuous and lasting improvements of your knowledge and skills, so that you can always perform at the top of your game and keep developing, the whole year-round. We believe that learning will make your world a better place.

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