Language training

You can only truly learn a language by practicing, practicing and practicing some more. With Drillster, you can prevent your proficiency from fading, and improve it instead. Drillster will have you add to your vocabulary and apply grammar rules correctly. 

Always the right level of proficiency

The Drillster method helps you anchor language knowledge deeper into your brain to produce a greater learning effect. Drillster is a smart way to improve your language knowledge and mastery, as well as to maintain and anchor it. But it’s not only how frequently you practice, but the way you practice determines how effective the results are. The Drillster way of learning is adaptive, assessment-based and predictive. This way you practice what you still find hard more often, in order to eventually master the subject. Highly efficient. Much more effective than endlessly cramming words. Combined with insight into your own proficiency levels, makes learning the Drillster way a totally new experience. 



But how does it work?

How do assessment-based and adaptive learning work? What is the Drillster way of learning?

Take two minutes of your time to watch the video on the left, and learn how you can learn, retain and reinforce your language knowledge with Drillster.



Other solutions…

Learn about our other solutions and the way the are applied in practice…. 

PE Permanent Education
Searching for a solution for your Permanent Education program? Learn how Drillster can help you organise and build a Permanent Education program that really touches the core of a long lasting learning experience.
Do you want to test the proficiency levels of your staff? Drillster offers you the possibility to do diagnostic testing. Learn more about the test possibilities with our application.
Exam training
Test stress, sound familiar? Did I study enough? Do I really master the subject? With Drillster you have in realtime insight in your own proficiency. Curious how to work towards an ultimate but stressless result?
Distance learning
Long distance learning. Ideal in a society that keeps on getting more and more busy. But how do you stay motivated? How do you prevent people from dropping out? Want to help your students get real results in their long distance curriculum...

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