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To master a language well, it is important to practice a lot and in the right way.

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Effective and fun

In traditional language learning (columns and columns of words), people often start to recognize sequences. What’s more, this knowledge disappears quickly, making it rather ineffective. To memorize the words as effectively as possible, it is better to vary the exercises as much as possible. Drillster enables you to do that in numerous ways, such as alternating question and answer styles, adding question variants, and playing with videos, the read-aloud feature, flashcards or columns for practicing conjugations. The more you alternate, the more effort learners have to put into retrieving the information from memory, and the better it will stick.

Efficient repetition

The smart algorithm then knows which exercises people still find difficult and ensures that they are practiced more often. Spaced repetition is then introduced, so that people are reminded to practice again at exactly the right time. It is thus a continuous learning process that keeps challenging people. This method ensures that knowledge and competencies do not fade away, but rather become anchored in long-term memory.

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Drillster can be used in many ways: as a supplement to a school curriculum, for example, where the teacher can adapt classroom lessons to students’ drill proficiency (flip the classroom). But it is also very suitable for customer contact center employees and sales staff, among others.

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