Together, we stand stronger, which is why we seek partnerships with parties that, like us, believe that learning makes the world a better place and that there is a better way to learn. A more future-proof, more effective and more efficient way.

Our partners

Currently, we have a large number of partners who actively introduce us to customers and integrate Drillster into their products on a ‘Drillster inside’ basis. This leads to strong combinations that allow people across the globe to learn better.

A powerful combination

The powerful communication platform for employees from Speakap and the smart Drillster way of learning add up to a really effective combination. Check the video and find out why.

Want to know more about this combination, the Drillster way of learning or integration possibilities? Let us know with the form below and we’ll tell you all about it.



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“Customers are really satisfied with the powerful combination of ‘Drillster Inside’ and our own tool.”