Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Create a healthy organization by continuously promoting DEI awareness

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The value of DEI awareness

Committing to diversity, promoting equity and fostering inclusion will create the basis for a healthy organization. It is your duty to be inclusive. Plus, a diverse organization reduces conflict, and sparks innovation, growth, creativity, productivity, collaboration and decision making, and employee satisfaction. To make this happen, organizations need to address biases, but often fail to do so… 

Curious about our take on diversity, equity and inclusion? Read about how we turn the Pride Month into Pride Year.

Continuous DEI training

Most organizations only pay attention to DEI-related topics periodically. Knowledge and awareness will improve during these campaigns, but quickly fade away again. This is when DEI knowledge gaps start to develop. The Drillster app helps you detect the gaps and immediately fix them to ensure that diversity, equity and inclusion is top of mind all year round.

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Off the shelf content

Ready-to-use learning material is available for DEI awareness. Request our free one-pager to read more information.

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