The Drillster Authoring Tool

A license on the Drillster learning application is provided with an easy-to-use online authoring tool. It enables your instructional designers and subject matter experts to easily and quickly create adaptive online learning modules that meet and exceed your learning objectives.

Create engaging content

You can create content using text, images, video, interactive images, and sound (including text-to-speech and read-aloud). A smart preview mode shows you how your content will look on a browser, mobile phone, or tablet.


You can work on drills, stories, and courses with several authors simultaneously.

Version management

Prepare changes to your existing content while the current version of your drills remains available to all users. By releasing the new version of your drill, the updated content becomes available in real-time to all subscribed learners.

Test authoring tool

This allows you to create an extensive range of different tests and apply complex requirements with regard to how many questions you want about what (sub) theme and their order, weighting in scores, how you want to present the end result, time windows, and time limits, etc.

Upload existing content

Do you have your content in another tool or form? Let us help you to convert it into drills. We can also (bulk) import content for you.

Content enhancement tips

Within the editor, you’ll receive tips to improve your content. For instance, when you haven’t made any question variants (yet), or when you forgot to add a header to go with your course.

Change management

The intuitive authoring tool allows you to adjust your content yourself whenever you need it. So updates and changes to your content, protocols, rules, instructions, and so on, are easily implemented, with no added costs. Depending on how significant the change is, you can choose whether proficiency levels are affected by it.