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Drillster is a smart learning application that ensures that critical knowledge and competencies stay top of mind continuously, so people can perform with the right knowledge at the right time.

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The unique Drillster methodology combines adaptivity, microlearning, assessment-based learning, and instant feedback into one simple app. Creating and adjusting content yourself is easy. The smart algorithm automatically adapts learning content to the individual forgetting curve and reminds them in time to brush up. Effective and efficient, for both learning professionals and learners.

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Why learn with Drillster?

  • Your proficiency levels are verifiable.
  • You learn, retain and reinforce knowledge and skills.
  • You learn 40% more efficiently, and 10% more effectively.
  • You reach an increased ROI on learning.  
  • You save considerable time and money. 
  • You require less classroom-training.
  • You can easily edit drill content yourself.

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You can use Drillster stand-alone and use it on a desktop, mobile, or tablet. Download the app and learn on the train on your way to work, at the office or at home on the couch. Learn where and whenever you want!


Current integrations

Ready-made plugins are available for the products and platforms listed below. If your current system is not included, check out our developer page, or contact us for information or customization.

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