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The right demonstrable proficiency levels and up-to-date knowledge levels year-round. Learn, retain and reinforce your need-to-know knowledge, both now and in the future. Reach your full potential. Get started with Drillster!

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A new adaptive learning solution

Drillster is a new way of learning; technology, science, data, and, a smart algorithm wrapped up into one application. Drillster is question-based, adaptive, and predicts your future proficiency levels. Drillster makes learning 40% more efficient and 10% more effective!* It stops important knowledge from declining. We help you to develop, reinforce and retain knowledge and skills long-term, in a way that’s both fast and smart. Track, and check your knowledge levels year-round. Get started with Drillster!

*Utrecht University researched the effectiveness of the Drillster app

The Drillster way of learning

Why learn with Drillster?

  • Your proficiency levels are verifiable.
  • You learn, retain and reinforce knowledge and skills.
  • You learn 40% more efficiently, and 10% more effectively.
  • You reach an increased ROI on learning.  
  • You save considerable time and money. 
  • You require less classroom-training.
  • You can easily edit drill content yourself.


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Our customers

Drillster helps people across the globe to reach their full potential. From airline pilots, nurses and sales professionals to students, language learners, and field hockey referees. They are all learning the smart and easy way using the Drillster app, every day.

For your existing learning program

You can create a drill for almost anything someone could want to learn. Examples include flight safety training, drug dosage calculations for nursing staff or in-depth knowledge of financial supervision legislation. But also the rules of refereeing a field hockey match, foreign language learning or product training. The possibilities are endless. Check these videos on how our customers keep their staff at the right level of knowledge and competences with Drillster.



What learning solution are you looking for?

Do you want to reduce risk in the workplace? Do you want to get a greater return on learning, that you can measure real-time? Do you want to reduce the costs of your longterm learning program? Always want to be ready for any kind of exam or test? Coach your teams in a way that ensures they are always up-to-speed with the latest developments and fit for the job? Drillster enables you to solve a wide range of learning issues. Read more to find out how Drillster is already being used successfully in many different areas.

Adaptive learning where and when you want

You can use Drillster stand-alone and use it on a desktop, mobile or tablet. Download the app and learn location independently. On the train on your way to work, at the office or at home on the couch. Learn where and whenever you want!


Connect Drillster to your intranet, mobile app or existing Learn Management System

Integrate Drillster in your intranet, mobile app or existing Learn Management System (LMS), and allow your people to make drills in their trusted online environment. The same environment and the login information, yet an entirely new learning experience!

Ready-made plugins are available for the products or platforms listed below. If your integration option is not included, check all integration options or contact us for customization.

All existing integrations and made to measure solutions

Current integrations

Drillster, learning with you…

We humans learn throughout our lives, at all ages. Learning is in our DNA.  We, at Drillster, also learn every day. We simply get a kick out of learning and developing, time and time again. Our primary focus is to help you learn as efficiently, effectively and comfortably as possible. We Drillsters learn from our customers, users and each other. And our smart technology also keeps learning; the app learns from the answers you submit, to create your optimal learning path. 

We learn with you, for you and from you. Drillster. Learning with you. 

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