There are three ways to use Drillster: stand-alone, through an existing integration, or with a new (API) integration.

1. Stand-alone

Drillster offers you a full-service learning solution. Use Drillster stand-alone as a web app, or on any iOS or Android device. Both the web and mobile app are available in 17 different languages.

2. API integration

The Drillster application can also easily be integrated into your current learning ecosystem using our API. Use Drillster on your website, LMS, compliance or other (HRM) system to create a smoother learning experience.

Typical integrations include:

3. Existing integrations

Third-party companies have developed plugins and connectors for a large number of LMS and HRM platforms:
We also support SCORM and LTI enabling you to easily and quickly use Drillster inside of your LMS. Please contact us if you would like to know more about the functionalities provided by the different plugins and connectors.

Looking for a different integration? Contact us for more information and customization, or check our developer documentation, like our documentation on creating LMS integrations.