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The financial industry is facing increasingly strict regulations and legislation, like the IBOR Transition. Staying compliant is a continuous challenge for companies in this industry. The costs involved in compliance programs are rising. How do you get a handle on the return on your compliance training? Drillster is your solution!

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Why learn with our app?

When learning with our app:

  • You will learn 40% more efficiently and 10% more effectively, which means better results in less time.
  • Your return on learning will go up, resulting in fewer risks and mistakes in the
  • You will never forget important knowledge and skills — Drillster will calculate your future proficiency level and help you brush up on time.
  • Your competence and knowledge levels are always clear, giving you peace of mind and confidence.
  • You need less classroom-based training, and you can organize any remaining classroom-based training more effectively.
  • You can edit content and add topical content yourself with great ease and cost-efficiently, no need to hire expensive time-consuming firms.
  • It is easy to integrate Drillster into your existing learning management system or use it as a stand-alone app.


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The experiences of Rabobank

Using Drillster, Rabobank ensures that essential knowledge and competencies are always top of mind to comply with the rules.

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