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The financial industry is facing increasingly strict regulations and legislation. Staying compliant is a continuous challenge for companies in this industry. The costs involved in compliance programs are rising. How do you get a handle on the return on your compliance training? Drillster is your solution!

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What is Drillster?

Drillster is a completely new way of learning. With technology, science, data, and a smart algorithm all wrapped up into one single application, Drillster is question-based, adaptive and can even predict your future proficiency level. This method helps you learn 40% faster and 10% more effectively*! It will also help you prevent important knowledge and skills from fading. Before you are about to lose newly learned knowledge, we will send you a reminder to start brushing up and reinforce your knowledge.

*Utrecht University has conducted research on the effect of the Drillster app.

Who’s already using Drillster?

Drillster is already helping numerous employees at banks, insurance companies, financial consulting firms, etc. improve their learning.  All these employees are now learning the smart, easy and effective way, not only before a test but the whole year-round. They can track their progress and proficiency levels themselves 24/7. They went from knowledge snapshots through testing every 2 years to year-round proficiency. Are you next?

Why learn with our app?

When learning with our app:

  • You will learn 40% more efficiently and 10% more effectively, which means better results in less time.
  • Your return on learning will go up, resulting in fewer risks and mistakes in the
  • You will never forget important knowledge and skills — Drillster will calculate your future proficiency level and help you brush up on time.
  • Your competence and knowledge levels are always clear, giving you peace of mind and confidence.
  • You need less classroom-based training, and you can organize any remaining classroom-based training more effectively.
  • You can edit content and add topical content yourself with great ease and cost-efficiently, no need to hire expensive time-consuming firms.
  • It is easy to integrate Drillster into your existing learning management system or use it as a stand-alone app.


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“I used to be stressed out a lot about my yearly compliance training, but now it’s a piece of cake.”