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Learning for Finance

The financial industry is facing strict regulations and legislation, like the IBOR Transition and KYC laws. Staying compliant and keeping employees up to date costs a lot of time and money. Whereas traditional learning programs often don’t deliver the desired (and required) results in the long term. It’s your job to find an effective solution that continuously maintains the proficiency levels of all employees. 

Increase performance

A 100+ page pdf doesn’t cut it for the industry regulator. You need to increase awareness, make sure everyone has the latest information, and then know how to actually apply this information to realize behavioral change. Drillster can help you with an effective and continuous learning program that will increase business performance and avoid fines or mistakes.

Which finance topics can you use Drillster for?

  • Compliance
  • KYC: Know Your Customer / CDD: Customer Due Diligence: 
  • Customer Contact
  • IBOR transition

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