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A whole new way of learning. Science, data, technology and a smart algorithm all wrapped up in one application! You learn assessment based, adaptive and the app even predicts your future proficiency. It’s 40% more efficient and 10% more effective than old-school learning. Your recurrent exams never have been easier!

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What is Drillster?

Drillster is a completely new way of learning. With technology, science, data, and a smart algorithm all wrapped up into one single application, Drillster is question-based, adaptive and can even predict your future proficiency level. This method helps you learn 40% faster and 10% more effectively*! It will also help you prevent important knowledge and skills from fading. Before you are about to lose newly learned knowledge, we will send you a reminder to start brushing up and reinforce your knowledge.

Drillster in aviation

No industry is as heavily regulated as the aviation industry. Needless to say, it is crucial for aviation personnel to be extremely well-trained and always have the required knowledge available about things such as flight safety. But heavy regulation, cost reduction, increasing productivity requirements, extremely strict inspections, and more and more demanding customers, is complicating training at many companies in the aviation industry. Knowledge of regulations, protocols and working methods needs to be top of mind the whole year round and not only at the moment of the recurrent exams. Drillster is the solution to this problem.

Which aviation companies are already Drillster users?

Drillster is already helping employees at several leading airlines in their learning. Pilots, cabin crew members and cargo staff are learning in a smarter, easier and more effective way, not only right before a test, but the whole year round. They can track their own progress and proficiency levels. Work performance soars, while risks are reduced.  The inspectorate is pleased with the excellent exam results and solid proficiency levels, while the management is happy with the resulting cost savings and risk reduction, etc. And employees feel supported and self-confident.

Qualified staff in every area

You can create a drill for almost anything someone could want to learn. Use Drillster to train your cabin crews, your ground staff, your engineers, your maintenance teams, your cargo staff and agents at your customer service center. You will see the costs of your training programs and risks in the workplace go down, while productivity, safety and compliance levels rise. Curious about the experiences of users? Check the KLM Cargo case!

The experiences of KLM Cargo

KLM Cargo makes sure by using Drillster important knowledge and competences are always top of mind. Curious how the experience learning with Drillster? Watch the video.

“The major difference with the old way of learning is that we experience much less stress than before”