Deal with strict safety protocols and regulations

Learning for energy

To work safely, actors in this sector such as grid operators and ground workers have to follow strict protocols. Unfortunately, although training programs are occasionally available, regulations change often. Learning modules (and knowledge) therefore get outdated quickly. It’s your duty to preserve compliance and safety, and provide employees with the latest information.

Always up-to-date

Boost work speed and first-time-right effectiveness, while decreasing the chances of accidents and fines. Provide your employees with a good understanding of tailored safety procedures. Drillster enables you to quickly edit learning content and communicate new information whenever the regulations change. This way, you will keep employees up-to-date with the latest information and ensure they act properly in any circumstance.

Some related topics

  • Integrity – code of conduct
  • Compliance
  • Certification engineers
  • Safety – work instructions
  • New hires

How we do it

The Drillster methodology

We combine adaptive, assessment-based, immediate feedback and microlearning to develop and retain knowledge and skills. The algorithm calculates the individual forgetting curve and ensures competencies stay continuously top of mind.

How learning works

Integration and implementation

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