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There are so many ways organizations can use drills. It can be used for compliance, integrity training, onboarding, code of conduct learning, and much more. When it comes to the energy sector, employees have to follow strict safety protocols and regulations. With Drillster, you can help these employees to learn and be compliant with the rules.

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Being prepared for the exam

To carry out their work on the electrical grid, actors in this sector such as grid operators, metering companies, and workers on the ground have to prove their knowledge and ability to work safely. This can be done by passing exams and get (re)certified, which can be very stressful. With Drillster, you can help those employees to be prepared for the exam by incorporating the subject matter into short learning modules that are easier to absorb and remember. This way, employees no longer need any thick books or long e-learnings, and they will always have the necessary knowledge, even after the exam.

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Making changes

While exams and certification are usually held annually, safety regulations and rules can change anytime. For the sake of safety, it is important for employees to be aware of those changes immediately. Of course, this is not something that occasional classroom training can manage. As Drillster allows you to immediately implement the latest regulatory developments and changes in drills, employees will receive the information quickly. By doing this, employees will stay up to date year-round!

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Compliance in the entire organization

With Drillster’s unique methodology, employees are able to demonstrate their knowledge properly, even after the exam. As their knowledge remains up to date, they are always ready to work under any circumstance. You can use Drillster to ensure that everyone in the organization is compliant and works safely by using the app for compliance awareness, integrity training, human factors, crisis management, roadside safety, and learning the code of conduct.

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