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Whenever we receive treatment in a hospital, we assume that everyone working there has all the right knowledge and skills. Of course, professional competence is of vital importance for medical staff. Drillster helps to maintain the required knowledge and competence levels in healthcare.

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Retain and reinforce knowledge and competences

How do you ensure that, despite the limited time available, employees of your healthcare facility always have the right knowledge and skills to perform optimally, so that your healthcare facility has and continues to have satisfied patients, staff, and healthcare authorities? This is where Drillster comes in, as it can help you by providing a new way of learning that ensures that employees:

  • Develop, maintain and anchor knowledge and skills.
  • Learn 40% more efficiently and 10% more effectively, producing better results in less time.
  • Are presented with the right knowledge continuously, not only when taking the training.
  • Become future-proof: Drillster calculates how and when knowledge starts to decline, sending a reminder just before important knowledge is forgotten.
  • Keep track and stay in control of their competency level, boosting both knowledge levels and self-confidence.
  • And which gives you 24/7 insight into past, current, and future knowledge levels of individual employees, groups, and departments.

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Learn from the experience of others

Check out these interesting customer case videos about Regional ambulance service organizations and Alrijne Health Group.
Regional ambulance service organizations ‘Flevoland’ and ‘Gooi en Vechtstreek’ use Drillster for efficient knowledge development and streamlining of work processes. And Alrijne Health Group uses Drillster integrated into a workplace learning solution from Xprtise to make sure that their nursing staff is always proficient and up to date.

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Qualified staff in every area and on every level

You can create a drill for almost anything someone could want to learn. This can be simple or complex material for all levels. Use Drillster to train your doctors, specialists, nurses, carers, medical secretarial support, pharmacists, lab technicians, and support staff. You will see training costs and risks in the workplace go down, while quality, safety, compliance, and competency levels go up.

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Healthcare organizations that use Drillster

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