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Achieve continuous compliance with ongoing awareness

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How compliant are you?

Classroom training with a test at the end is usually enough for employees to pass and prove their compliance to the industry regulator. But without repetition, up to 80% of knowledge will fade within a week. When this happens, how can you ensure that employees apply the rules and that you stay compliant all year round?

Benefits of using Drillster


Boosting your compliance

Our learning tool with smart repetition algorithm continuously boosts compliance awareness and ensures that employees have the right knowledge and skills. Go for continuous compliance and avoid fines and mistakes at work – all year round.

Want to know more about our take on compliance?
Read about the “tick-box culture”, the “exam syndrome”, or read our other compliance articles.  


Compliance and integrity related topics

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Hygiene
  • Code of Conduct, ethics   
  • KYC / CDD (Anti-money laundering, countering terrorism financing, etc.)
  • Good Clinical Practice
  • Medical Mathematics
  • Data protection (GDPR)


Off the shelf content

Ready-to-use drill material is available for KYC, Good Clinical Practice, and Data Protection (GDPR). 

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