Onboarding training

You have hired a new employee, but before he/she can get started, you want to familiarize him/her with your organization and give a warm welcome. This will get both of you off to a good start and make your newest recruit aware of your corporate culture, working methods, and codes of conduct. 

Give your newcomer a kickstart

Your onboarding program gives new hires a real kickstart. Perhaps your new employee needs to gain certain knowledge before taking on certain activities. Drillster can help you make on-boarding a smoother experience for all involved. Get your new hires familiarized with your organization in no time by training organization-specific knowledge through engaging Drills. Or run a quick scan of a newcomer’s current knowledge levels, giving you instant insight into what he/she needs to work on. If your business involves seasonal workers or you work with a pool of flexible staff, getting returning workers back up to speed is extremely efficient with Drillster. 

In practice…

You regularly hire temporary workers or insource staff, and you have found that you keep having to put the same temporary workers and in-sourced professionals through the same on boarding program and product training every time they come to work for you.

It sometimes seems like a never-ending story. A temporary worker moves to another job at the end of the season, comes back the next season, and you have to onboard them again as if they had never worked for you before. Their knowledge of products, procedures or policy has faded, as have company-specific skills. So there you go again, three weeks of training before your temporary worker can get to work.

You can put an end to this vicious cycle by using Drillster. Drillster keeps track of each employee’s learning history. Returning employees can therefore be brought back up to speed in no time. It takes very little time to have their knowledge and skills level verifiably back to where it should be to get to work immediately. Drillster also allows you to save time on your on-boarding process for new hires. Every new employee is instantly an up-to-date reinforcement!

Other solutions…

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