eSkillz Corp invests in the growth of EdTech company Drillster

Blog / News | 17-01-24

Utrecht, 17/01/2024 — eSkillz Corp, a leading technology consulting and service delivery company, today announced its partnership with an equity investment in Drillster who specializes in adaptive microlearning. Drillster was selected based on its ability to close a key gap in learning needs with its innovative technology and smart learning methodology.

eSkillz is the leading provider of comprehensive support solutions for Human Capital Management / Talent Development and Learning Management Systems. By providing customers with on-demand support for their administrator teams along with support for the full end-user population, eSkillz ensures that customers have a true comprehensive support solution. 

“Solving problems for our clients and providing unparalleled customer service is why eSkillz exists,” said Don Cole, President, eSkillz Corp. “Sometimes those problems have come to be accepted as a normal part of operating a business. But with the future of more personalized learning we can see that when learning is delivered at the right time and frequency it will result in positive changes for an organization. That’s why we have invested in an equity stake in our new partner, Drillster. Their technology and our services will provide a huge value add to new or existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) clients.”

“Many organizations face very real risks and lack of performance as a result of employees forgetting what they learned in training and not having critical knowledge available in the flow of work”, said Melissa Guerra, Chief Revenue Officer, eSkillz Corp. “Employees can forget up to 80% of what they learned in training within a week. We can now add value to our clients by reducing this forgetting curve through adaptive content design in the Drillster app. Because when information is critical in preventing injury, damage, or financial loss – having key skills top of mind is paramount. While an LMS is where your organization goes to learn; Drillster is where they go to retain skills when it matters most.”

Marco van Sterkenburg, CEO and co-founder, Drillster: “eSkillz’ investment in Drillster will elevate Drillster’s presence in the US market and beyond by making the smart learning app available with the white-glove implementation and optimization services for which eSkillz is well known. eSkillz’ expertise in LMS implementations and integrations, as well as the development of learning content and on-demand support services, will add value to our customers anywhere in the world.

Thomas Goossens, CTO and co-founder: “Over the years we have built a proven platform that is secure and scalable. This puts us in a great position to take on a larger market with larger customers. By no means are we done developing and improving. In a sense, we are just getting started!”