Drillster and Transavia France join forces for innovation and adaptive learning

Aviation | 19-06-23

Innovation at the heart of Transavia France’s learning strategy.

Transavia France, the low-cost subsidiary of the Air France KLM Group, is partnering with Drillster, a specialist in adaptive learning, for the continuous training of its cabin crew (PNC). The collaboration embraces the deployment of a AI-powered tool to broaden the airline’s learning capabilities and strengthen its learning methods. 

Teach, broaden and retain knowledge

In line with European legislation, Transavia France’s cabin crew is assessed annually on the themes of safety and security. To achieve the best possible result in this, cabin crew prepare by studying airline learning materials and doing drills (adaptive microlearning modules). 

Effective preparation

The Drillster application calculates the extent to which knowledge declines if it is not maintained on a regular basis. Drillster’s adaptive learning capabilities, including interactive microlearning sessions, encourage cabin crew to continuously educate themselves and continuously maintain a high level of knowledge. 

Michael Piat, Cabin Crew Training Manager at Transavia France: “Our cabin crew has evolved in recent years along with our teaching methods. Although we already offer our employees flexible e-learning, we wanted to take this a step further. The age of our cabin crew ranges from eighteen to sixty years old, so we need to provide learning solutions that are suitable for everyone. Because of Drillster’s specific learning methodology, I am convinced that they are the ideal partner for this. You can use Drillster stand-alone, whenever and wherever you want. This is a big advantage for our crews, who are always traveling. Our goal is to have cabin crew actively participate in their training. We, therefore, continue to actively engage them in maintaining their skills. We look forward to deploying Drillster in our organization.”

Dominique Saint-Remy, Business Developer at Drillster: “We are extremely proud that in addition to Transavia Netherlands and Air France KLM, we can now offer Transavia France a new solution to increase and maintain the knowledge level of employees. Our tool fits well with the airline’s need for cabin crew to work on and retain competencies and knowledge in a fun and – in particular – flexible way. What’s even better about this collaboration is that we as Drillster were allowed to develop learning content that connects with the target audience. We did this based on our own expertise with the help of Transavia France’s experts. It was good to see how we could support and complement each other in this. I wonder what the cabin crew will think of it. Here’s to a successful rollout!”