Did you know… 80% of new knowledge fades within 1 week?

Blog / News | 28-03-23

In 1885, German psychologist Ebbinghaus discovered “the forgetting curve” by testing his memory and retention ability over various periods of time. He plotted this data on a graph like the one below. His hypothesis was later proved by various scientists. 

When you read, listen, or watch a learning module, but do nothing with this new information, the knowledge you acquired will quickly fade away. Even though forgetting can be frustrating, it is a fundamental part of how the brain works. Forgetting helps to protect the brain from overload. Therefore, only some information is stored in the long-term memory.

A unique aspect of the Drillster methodology is that the solution prevents your competencies from fading. Its smart algorithm collects data throughout the learning process to estimate how and when knowledge will start to fade for each individual and reminds them to brush up in time. Moreover, its methodology also combines other techniques such as adaptivity, microlearning, and spaced repetition, to ensure competencies stay top of mind continuously.

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