How does learning with Drillster work?

Does the following sound familiar? You learn something new and barely two weeks later you’ve already forgotten most of it! Here’s the good news: there is another way. With Drillster you prevent your knowledge and skills from fading. But how does that work exactly?

How do drills work?

On the left, you will find a short video that explains the unique Drillster method!

A drill often starts with a so-called ‘story’: relevant information in the form of text, sound, image or a combination of these, which provides context for the drill you are going to make. This is how you get off to a flying start. The story is followed by a set of questions and tasks. Because you do these questions immediately after you have taken in the relevant information, the learning effect is stronger. You have to apply your new knowledge immediately. The information and questions form a very powerful combination. The Drillster method helps you to anchor the knowledge and skills in your brain. That is the power of drilling!

Assessment based learning

Assessment based learning takes some getting used to. You may feel as if you are always taking exams, but nothing could be further from the truth. By making drills you learn continuously and gain knowledge quickly. You get feedback with every answer you give, so you learn from both right and wrong answers. A drill is not a test at all, but the ultimate mix of relevant information and powerful learning questions. This way you learn extremely effectively!

Adaptive learning

Adaptive learning means that Drillster adapts to your pace and level. The app identifies which topics you find difficult and ensures that you practice those topics even more. Parts of the drill that you already know well are repeated less often. Continuous learning, tailored to the individual. By automatically learning what you find difficult and skip what you already master, you save valuable time. In this way, you can learn in an efficient way.

Brush up when you need to

Drillster’s smart algorithm calculates when you are about to forget certain knowledge from the drills. The app notifies you and then helps you brush up on your knowledge. After answering a number of drill questions that have been selected specifically for you, the knowledge you were about to forget will be fresh in your mind again. This is how we keep your knowledge and skills up to date together. Really useful, right?

Or where you need to

With location-based learning, you can take it a step further and receive (or push) learning modules at the exact place of need. With the use of iBeacons, you can unlock location-based drills or tests when you come within reach. This is useful for safety awareness for example. For instance right before you have to operate heavy machinery, or use a system that requires specific skills. This way you are provided with the knowledge to start a task, in time of need. Or you can prove that you are skilled enough to continue with your activities at that very time. This way learning becomes an integral part of the workflow.

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