How does it work?

Does this sound familiar? You learn something and barely two weeks later you’ve already forgotten most of it! Here’s the good news: there is another way. With Drillster you prevent your knowledge and skills from fading. But how exactly does it work?

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You do Drills

The app will give you one or several drills to do. A drill is made up of brief, relevant information in a text, audio, visual or hybrid form, followed by a set of questions and exercises based on real-life practices. Given that you are answering these learning questions immediately after having gone through the relevant information, you will achieve deeper learning. The information and the questions make for a very powerful duo. The Drillster method helps you retain knowledge and skills in your brain, real drill power!

Assessment based learning

Learning by answering questions, or ‘drilling’ as we like to call it, takes some getting used to. It may initially feel as if you are taking tests all the time, but the difference is that the result of the test is not all-important. You are acquiring knowledge, learning, through the process of doing the drills, so remember: there’s no getting it wrong. The feedback to all your answers, regardless of whether they are correct or incorrect, is the key to your learning. A drill is therefore absolutely not a test, but instead the ultimate blend of relevant information and powerful learning questions. It leads to extremely effective learning.

Adaptive learning

This means that Drillster adapts to your pace and level. The app detects what you are still struggling with and makes sure you practice that particular material more, while the material from the drill that you already master quite well will be repeated less. Continuous learning, but personalized in a tailored method. Since you are automatically learning what you haven’t mastered yet and skipping what you already know, you will save valuable time. This makes your learning nice and efficient. 

You brush up when you need to

Drillster’s smart algorithm calculates when you are about to forget certain knowledge from the drills, notifies you right away and then helps you brush up to ensure retention. After answering a number of drill questions that have been selected specifically for you, the knowledge you were about to forget will be fresh in your mind again. This is how we keep your knowledge and skills up to date together. Really useful, right?


Future proof

The Drillster method forges a continuous learning process and helps you truly anchor your knowledge and skills. It keeps your knowledge level up, both now and in the future, so you have the knowledge you need for your work, studies or hobby available at all times.

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