The Drillster methodology

80% of new knowledge fades away within the first week. In order to be truly effective in the long term, learning should be effortful, meaningful, contextual, and continuous.

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1. Microlearning

Learning material is cut up into manageable learning modules of 5-10 minutes that focus on the key essentials of a specific topic. Short learning chunks make it easier to learn at short, regular intervals. This is more effective and engaging and makes it very suitable for mobile learning.

2. Adaptive learning

The smart algorithm adjusts the order, frequency, and pace of exercises based on the individual forgetting curve. Topics that people find difficult are automatically repeated more often than the ones they already know well. This guarantees a tailored, efficient, continuous learning process on an individual and micro level.

3. Forgetting curve and spaced repetition

The truly unique Drillster algorithm calculates the forgetting curve for each individual. It knows when knowledge and skills decline and notifies every learner in time to brush up. Then, the app applies increasing time intervals between the repetition of learning items. Just-in-time and effortful retrieval of the right information from memory, strengthens the learning effect and ensures knowledge and competencies are deeply anchored in long-term memory.

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4. Assessment-based learning

Learning takes place through questions, problems, cases, or dilemmas. This way of actively processing and recalling information ensures greater retention in the long term.

5. Immediate positive feedback

Processing feedback immediately after each exercise has proven to enhance the learning effect, as people are then most receptive to it and remember it better. Add corrective feedback to incorrect answers, and complimentary feedback to correct answers. In both cases, it’s important to always focus feedback on the right information, to avoid an undesired learning effect. 

The positive effects of positive feedback

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