The 10 drill design principles

Are you convinced that the Drillster method will help your organization or learning program take the next step? We will help you design perfect drills to ensure the best possible learning performance from students or employees!

“I always try to be creative in formulating questions. The better the questions, the more effective the drills!”

10 drill design principles

Making good instructional drill questions is certainly not rocket science. With our 10 drill design principles, we will help you get started designing perfect drills. These tips and tricks will have you making the best possible questions, based on educational design principles, and achieving an effective learning process and solidly anchored knowledge. Click the tiles below for further details and examples for each design principle.

You are now ready to design your own drills! With these ten tips in mind, you can create the best drills in no time!

Workshop drill design

Rather have a personal explanation of how to make the perfect drill? We provide drill design workshops and refresher courses for (future) instructional drill designers. Fill in this form and we will contact you.

Need support?

Don’t have the time or resources to make good drills yourself? Find out how we can help!

  • Training: training your employees to become Certified Instructional Drill Designers.
  • Drill design: you can also opt to outsource parts of the drill design process to us.
  • Drill review: one of our educational specialists will help you by reviewing your drill content.
  • Bulk input: entering large volumes of content.
  • Communications: we would be happy to help you with internal communications on implementing the Drillster method.
  • Customization: integration into an LMS or learning portal: “Drillster inside” your trusted environment.