Effective learning, efficient retention

80% of new knowledge and skills fade away within the first week. To be truly effective in the long term, learning should be effortful, meaningful, contextual, and continuous.

What is Drillster?

Drillster is a smart learning application that keeps critical knowledge, awareness, and skills top of mind, so employees can deliver top performance, using the right competencies at the right time.

Its unique methodology combines adaptivity, microlearning, assessment-based learning, and instant feedback into one simple tool. Creating and adjusting content is easy, and the smart algorithm automatically adapts learning content to the individual’s forgetting curve and reminds them to brush up in time. Effective and efficient, for learning professionals and learners alike.

Why Drillster?

Our customers

More than 1,000,000 employees and students worldwide are already learning smarter and more efficiently. Drillster is used for more effective lifelong learning, continuous compliance, faster onboarding, improved operational efficiency, and more. Check out our solutions and industries pages to find out how Drillster can help you reach your learning goals.

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