The award-winning learning program of Air France

Aviation | 17-03-22

How Air France adapted their learning program to the needs of employees

At the eLearning Expo in Paris (March 2022), Air France won the award ‘Trophée du Digital Learning’ in the category ‘Innovation in learning’. Congratulations to the team at AirFrance!

In this article on e-learning Letter, Anne Grjebine, Senior Advisor Innovation HR, and Alexandre Chiriac, Innovation & Transformation Manager at Air France, write about their award-winning hybrid training program. Every year, over 13000 flight attendants have to demonstrate a certain level of proficiency to the authorities: the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC). To prepare them, proper training is required. A few years ago, the learning program consisted of mostly face-to-face training. However, a flight attendants’ office is in the sky. By adapting the learning program more to the context and needs of employees, Air France’s learning program is undergoing a complete transformation. It now consists of a blend of both distance and classroom learning.

How Air France managed this change and their learning strategy, is based on 7 principles: 

  1. Personalization;
  2. Hybrid learning;
  3. Autonomy; 
  4. Simplicity;
  5. Benevolence;
  6. Attractiveness and multimodality;
  7. Traceability. 

Some trainings, like practicing real-life safety and rescue protocols simulations, are still done in the training center. All other topics are done remotely on a tablet, like with Drillster. Using Drillster to learn and retain knowledge is voluntary. The adoption rate skyrocketed during the pandemic when employees couldn’t fly, but had to keep their knowledge and skills up to date for the moment they could take off again. Now, adoption rates among cabin crew members are at a whopping 90%! Today, by learning with Drillster’s methodology, they prove to be fit for the job at all times and pass regulatory compliance requirements with flying colors.

The full article (in French) can be read on e-learning Letter.

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