The Spanish Airline Association and Drillster partner together for a better and stronger aviation industry

Aviation | 04-04-22

ALA, the Spanish Airline Association, and Drillster cooperate to make the aviation industry stronger, more efficient and more competitive.

ALA is a benchmark in the aviation sector in Spain, and the leading organization for air traffic in this country. Its commitment lies in advising, guaranteeing safety and building an aviation industry that meets the current needs. The Drillster adaptive learning app is widely used amongst airlines to strengthen cabin crew and pilots with knowledge anchoring for crucial topics, such as emergency protocols, compliance and onboard safety. With this common goal in mind, ALA and Drillster now work together to improve and promote the quality of the aviation sector. 

Since the pandemic, the use of digital tools for learning has significantly accelerated. A trend that is generally expected to continue in the coming years. Therefore, online training can be a very useful tool to help crews develop and maintain their skills. 

ALA now helps to raise awareness for the Drillster adaptive learning methodology amongst the aviation industry. The Drillster app makes learning more effective and efficient. Its smart algorithm identifies and solves knowledge gaps that users may have. This means that when users are at risk of forgetting their knowledge or skills, the app notifies them to brush up on their knowledge. Focusing primarily on the topics that are most difficult for them. In addition, learning takes place via mobiles, tablets or laptops, allowing users to learn where and when they want. For example, in between flights, on the way back home or during a layover. This flexible and adaptive online training meets the needs of flight crews given the mobility of their job and the requirements of recurrent training. 

Javier Gándara, president of ALA, points out: «At ALA, we are delighted to be able to rely on Drillster. This collaboration strengthens our objective of supporting, defending and representing the interests of our airline members and working to improve and make the aviation industry in Spain more efficient, sustainable and competitive».


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