The brand new user console

Drillster updates | 19-03-24

What’s new?

We launched our brand new user console. When you Log in to Drillster, you will see it immediately.

For all end-users, we have a new home screen that displays past activity, users’ upcoming challenges, and an events calendar. It also supports dark mode, has a nicer look and feel, and boasts improved performance. The admin accounts will have a new ‘Create’ section (left menu). There, you will find the improved course editor. It now shows both the course layout and the drill/story editor in a unified view. This way, you will have all the useful information about a course and its content at a glance. We also made the way to define tests more user friendly. Furthermore, we added the possibility of automatic group subscription termination. This means that you can schedule when people will be removed from groups, like after one year or on January 1st. This feature was requested by several clients and is now in production.

If you get homesick for the former home screen, you can return to it by clicking the button on the top right saying ‘Go back to the legacy application’. We hope you enjoy the new user console. Do let us know your feedback, as we highly value your opinion. Share your thoughts via


Check out the new user console

drillser user friendly console