Generative AI for adaptive learning content creation

| 09-07-24

Since its start in 2011, the Drillster app has heavily relied on didactic artificial intelligence in its algorithm to determine the order, frequency, and rhythm of learning. Now, there is also generative artificial intelligence for creating high-quality adaptive learning content. We present the Drillster Question Crafter, where generative AI can help organisations create adaptive learning content in at least 60% less time.

Generative AI applications enable the quick generation of content about any topic. However, when it comes to (adaptive) learning, some conditions need to be applied to the prompts to get the right content, in the right style, for the right audience. Prompt engineering is the designing and refining the input prompts given to generative AI models to achieve desired outputs. The Drillster Question Crafter leverages Drillster’s experience in creating content that meets and exceeds learning goals. Elements that the Drillster Question Crafter takes into account when creating content include:


  • The level of Bloom’s taxonomy: Is the learning content made for memorisation, understanding, or application of the acquired competencies?
  • The language level: At what language level should the content be written? At an advanced level for native speakers, or at a basic level for non-native speakers to understand the material?
  • The actual language (English, Spanish, Dutch, French, etc.).
  • The 10 drill design principles: are the 10 tips and tricks that should be applied to successfully use assessment-based learning techniques for better anchoring and retention of knowledge, awareness, and skills.

You can enter any source material (manual, PowerPoint, Word document, images, etc.) and the Question Crafter will help you to write good adaptive learning content, including questions, question variants, answer options, distractors, and feedback. This saves between 60% and 70% in producing high-quality adaptive learning content. While this is all being built into the Drillster authoring tool, you can already use the Drillster Question Crafter.

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