Enigma Consulting and Drillster join forces for more effective KYC and anti-money laundering training

Blog / News | 26-11-21

Enigma Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in payments, digitalization and risk & compliance, has chosen the adaptive learning application Drillster for its new, more effective Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering training courses. Together, the parties have developed learning content for their clients. The new digital learning modules cover all the crucial compliance knowledge that financial sector professionals need to prevent money laundering, fraud and terrorist financing. The unique Drillster learning method is used to allow employees to learn faster and more effectively. The adaptive modules ensure that knowledge is secured and automatically tailored to the individual and their needs. 

Relevant knowledge

The first module with basic knowledge is followed by in-depth training that goes into more detail. Through practical cases and scenarios, the trainee gets insights into the clandestine world of money laundering and terrorist financing. When there are changes in regulations, these can easily be changed within the learning modules. In this way, no time is lost and you can focus on what is really important. Employees always have access to up-to-date and relevant knowledge, enabling them to respond adequately in every situation that may occur. 

Paul Jans, Managing Director of Enigma Consulting, explains: “The integrity of the financial system is of great social importance”. Abuse of this system by money laundering and terrorist financing undermine public confidence and disrupt our society. With this innovative and practical training, students brush up their knowledge and gain insight into various practical money laundering scenarios.”

“I am excited about the collaboration with Enigma Consulting,” says Marco van Sterkenburg, CEO at Drillster. “The fight against money laundering, fraud and terrorist financing is complex and requires continuous training for employees. The Drillster way of learning has already added a lot of value in KYC programs of large financial institutions at home and abroad. The collaboration with Enigma will strengthen the offering for this sector. With our expertise in securing and retaining knowledge and competencies, and Enigma as subject matter expert, we will offer innovative digital learning tools that really make a difference in combating financial fraud.”

The training course is available in Dutch. Download the brochure with more information about Enigma’s KYC and anti-money laundering training here.