Did you know… employing question variants can be a game-changer in learning?

Blog / News | 04-10-23

If you’ve ever felt the monotony of yet another multiple-choice question, it’s time to mix things up and explore the benefits of question variants.

Assessment-based learning is learning by answering questions. And if you want to remember information, it’s good to repeat it often. However, answering the same questions repeatedly is boring and not beneficial to the learning process. You can overcome this by using question variants. When you introduce question variants (equivalents), you’re essentially asking the same information differently. Imagine encountering a mix of question styles, ranging from multiple choice and hot spot questions to open-ended inquiries, all targeting the same learning concept. With each interaction, different question variants are presented, ensuring that the learning material is anchored effectively while the questions evolve. This approach stimulates your brain, keeping you engaged and attentive throughout your learning journey.

Uncover the advantages of question variants

One of the key advantages of question variants is that they eliminate the guessing game. Since the questions are different in structure and phrasing, your brain won’t simply recognize patterns and take shortcuts. This ensures someone really must learn and understand the material, making it an effective method for confirming whether you truly mastered the subject matter. Moreover, this approach introduces gamification elements into the learning process, which enhances the learner’s experience. Engagement levels rise, and so does the overall enjoyment of the learning process. Furthermore, question variants serve as a powerful tool for enhancing understanding. By repeatedly tackling questions related to the aspects of the subject you find most challenging, you naturally strengthen your weak points. This adaptive approach ensures that your learning experience is tailored to your individual needs, fostering deeper comprehension and mastery of the subject matter.

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