Elevate Health and Drillster collaborate for better Good Clinical Practice proficiency

Blog / News | 04-12-20


Utrecht, 04-12-2020 – Medical e-learning solutions provider Elevate Health has chosen Drillster as their partner for their digital training services. Collaborating with adaptive learning application provider Drillster, Elevate is now offering ICH-GCP Plus, a ‘Good Clinical Practice’ training program that is reinforced with smart adaptive microlearning modules. This enables healthcare professionals in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences companies worldwide to better prepare for the exam. Moreover, it helps them to retain their Good Clinical Practice knowledge in the years after passing the exam.

Exceeding the standard

The ICH-GCP E6 (R2) Guideline is an international quality standard to ensure that every step in scientific clinical trials involving human subjects is conducted in an ethical manner. A GCP Certificate renewal every three or four years is important to stay up to date with the currently applicable laws and legislations. It guarantees the rights, safety, and well-being of human subjects.

As a result of the collaboration, Elevate’s clients have the opportunity to add Drillster to their Good Clinical Practice training program by choosing the Plus package. With the addition of the adaptive learning application, healthcare and life-science professionals are able to learn through assessment-based modules called ‘drills’. The microlearning methodology helps to efficiently gain knowledge and more importantly, effectively retain and anchor this knowledge. This way, Elevate can ensure that clients can improve their chances to pass the exam and apply their Good Clinical Practice knowledge for the years to come.

Robert Gorter, CEO at Elevate Health: “We realized that using only traditional training formats and an exam once every four years makes it hard to retain all the skills and knowledge needed. Therefore, we came up with a solution to provide these professionals with an effective and efficient continuous learning addition, as well as to ensure knowledge stays more up-to-date, even in the years between exams. Now, healthcare professionals can be more confident in their own knowledge and skills and execute their jobs more safely, which is a true extension of our service.”

“It is our pleasure to collaborate with Elevate Health and strengthen their training program with our technology and learning methodology” says Marco van Sterkenburg, CEO at Drillster. “We understand that it is very important for healthcare professionals to correctly apply the GCP protocol at all times and we are happy to help them be even better. We are glad that our technology can make an impact, not only on healthcare professionals that use the training, but also on the industry and the community as a whole.”