Certified by Drillster 2019 edition

Blog / News | 08-03-19

Yesterday over 50 instructional drill designers from al large variety of customers joined our Certified by Drillster event, the yearly event that we organize to bring drill design to the next level. This years theme was: “To see is to believe” and showed how learning can be made even more effective using video, images, and sound.

In three interactive workshops, the participants learned how easy it can be to create video content that helps to meet and exceed learning objectives and that increase the learner engagement. Various customers shared their best practices and lessons learned which was a great inspiration for the participants of our Certified by Drillster event.

KLM Cargo shared the video material that they created to introduce the Drillster way of learning in their organization. They created a buzz around their new learning program and used internal stakeholders to get the message across. This lead to increased learner engagement and high drill participation rates. Rabobank inspired us by sharing the video content they created to make some pretty tough learning content applicable and fun. Rabobank used User Generated Content and let colleagues shine in role-playing.

New and fresh ideas were born to use more short and spot-on instructional video content to develop and anchor complex material, with colleagues playing an important role in the videos. The participants of the 2019 edition of Certified by Drillster shared best practices, failures, and successes in creating good learning content and increasing engagement. Together we made educational video content ideas come alive.

Thanks to all of our guest yesterday for inspiring us, each other and for learning together.

Drillster, learning with you.