Case video: Ambulance care & Drillster

Blog / News | 11-04-19

The RAV (regional ambulance services) in the ‘Flevoland‘ and ‘Gooi en Vechtstreek‘ regions – part of the Dutch GGD (Municipal Health Service) – started using Drillster to elevate their learning program for ambulance personnel. 

Paramedics and emergency medical dispatchers require a lot of general knowledge of topics such as traumatology, pediatrics, and obstetrics, among others. It is therefore crucial for them to have key knowledge readily available at all times. With this objective in mind, GGD/RAV decided to amalgamate the Drillster learning app with their practical on-site training. This powerful combination resulted in a continuous and more efficient learning process. People now have the right knowledge available at the right time.

Discover how in this video: