Case video: Alrijne Hospital’s powerful combination of performance support and adaptive learning

Blog / News | 19-05-19

Alrijne Hospital chooses Xprtise and Drillster for their continuous learning program. 

Professionals in the healthcare industry have a lot of responsibilities. For this reason, they have to pass an exam every four years, that include complex topics like Arithmetic. Not only did this cause a lot of stress, but it also resulted in a peak of knowledge during exam times. That knowledge declined quickly after passing the exam. This is why Alrijne started to look for a learning solution that helped them to achieve continuous up-to-date knowledge and proficiency. 

With the support of both AskDelphi (Xprtise) and Drillster, Alrijne discovered a more efficient and effective way to manage the workload of the exams: the 5 moments of need methodology. Performance support allows employees to easily look up information and be aware of all protocols related to it. For the (time) critical tasks – like how to use an iv, how to administer tube feeding, etc – Alrijne uses Drillster to learn and anchor knowledge and competencies. Thanks to the combination of performance support and adaptive learning, employees can now deliver top performance using the right knowledge at the right time. 

Find out more in this video: