#10YearsDrillster: Happy Birthday to us!

Blog / News | 04-10-21

Drillster is celebrating a 10 year anniversary!

On October first 2011, Thomas Goossens and Marco van Sterkenburg embarked on the Drillster journey together. And what a journey it has been. We learned a lot, met many inspiring people, developed continuously, and became stronger. They started with the two of them, and now we share a big office space in Utrecht with many talented colleagues from all over the world.

To share the joy with you, we will share stories about the past 10 years with you in the weeks to come. Starting with our team event on the special day. On October 1st, all colleagues came to Utrecht to celebrate the anniversary. It was also the first time we were allowed to get together, following all COVID restrictions of course. We started with lunch, took a skydiving detour to the beach, where we enjoyed dinner, drinks, stand up comedy and shared Drillster related stories from ‘back in the day’. We all had a great day!

Fun fact: not only the company Drillster celebrated an anniversary. Two colleagues also celebrated a milestone. Congrats to Anca with her 5 years at Drillster, and Tom with a whopping 10 years, a Drillster original from the very beginning.

Here you can also read an interview with a true veteran at Drillster, Tom van den Bergeious. 


Check out our #10YearsDrillster posts and stay tuned to see and read all of our stories!