#10YearsDrillster: Cutting back on face-to-face training time

Blog / News | 25-10-21

Klaas Toes, our first customer and one of the founders of Gooiconsult, was involved with Drillster from the very beginning. When Binck Bank issued a tender for shortening management training in 2011, Gooiconsult made the difference by reducing the number of training days needed from five to three. Drillster played an important role in that approach.

What were the first experiences with Drillster like?

When Binck Bank came knocking, Marco quickly came to our office and we started creating together; seeing what was possible. We worked our butts off to get it done. It was challenging, but with Drillster we ensured that participants in the training courses were better prepared for the program and could get to work right away. Good preparation reduced the number of face-to-face training days required from five to three. The training course could also be more effectively tailored to the participants. That program was created using the Drillster app and we called it, “Flip the Classroom”. By equalizing the knowledge levels beforehand we made the difference. In the end, this proved to be very effective and led to overall higher levels of knowledge and competence.

Which role did Drillster play at Gooiconsult?

At Gooiconsult, we are primarily active in the corporate market and in four domains. We focus on leadership development, commercial development, team development and analyzing corporate learning performance. In doing so, we help large organizations, such as ABN AMRO, Technische Unie and Binck Bank. When we started Drillster, we were in the start-up phase and were both challengers in the market. It was also relatively new at the time to work with digital solutions, but it worked well. It was really nice to work together and exchange ideas. There was really a click. Although we eventually chose different paths due to strategic choices, it was a great collaboration.

Which sentiment would you like to give Drillster?

The enthusiasm and perseverance I see there appealed to me greatly back in 2011 and it still does. Marco and Thomas have their hearts set on this organization. The connection they forge with their partners and customers is beautiful to see.


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