Implementation: do it the smart way!

Simple and smart are the keywords for implementing Drillster. Learn how you can make a real kickstart in learning in a smarter, easier and better way.

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“We could implement Drillster quite quickly. It really was easy to start.”

Step by step…

OK, you’re convinced, Drillster is the right solution for your organization and you want to use it to enable your employees and students to start learning the smart way. So how do you get started? It is actually fairly straightforward, and you’ll be done in just a few steps:

  1. First, choose the right subscription for you, based on the number of users and learning targets.
  2. Select the add-ons you want to use. Drillster Pro and Pro Plus include startup support.
  3. Decide what essential info you want to anchor. Use our handy tips, manuals and tutorials to do so.
  4. Turn this need-to-know information into questions and exercises. Make short series of questions and put them in drills. The ideal drill length is between 15 and 50 questions.
  5. Add an introduction, context or explanatory information to your drills.

And ready you are! Your first Drill is born!

Let’s meet!

Short of time or need assistance?

Drillster will be happy to help you implement the Drillster application:

  • We can train your employees to become Certified Instructional Drill Designers.
  • You can also outsource parts of the drill design process to us or have us review your content. Together with good technology, good content is the key to success for your training.
  • Importing bulk content: if you have large volumes of content, we can help you upload it to the system.
  • Communication: Drillster is a new way of learning. Good internal communications about your Drillster learning program can considerably boost commitment and therefore the success rate. Use our Communication Kit.
  • Specific technical integration into an LMS or learning portal, allowing you to add Drillster to your existing systems on a “Drillster inside” basis.
  • Maintenance: have your drills checked by one of our learning experts from time to time, so as to keep the quality level high.