Learning more effectively and efficiently

The bar is set high in education and the pressure is on. Both students and teachers are under increasing pressure to perform better, in less time. How do you ensure high-quality and effective education in less time? What can we do to help both teaching staff and students achieve their full potential? Start with Drillster!

More about the Drillster way of learning

Drillster is

  • A highly innovative, science-based learning method.
  • Personalized learning: the app adapts the learning sequence and frequency to suit your personal needs.
  • 40% more efficient and 10% more effective, producing much better results in much less time.
  • 24/7 insight into your learning results and progress, and if you are the teacher, into the results of individual students or groups.
  • Flip the classroom: learning analytics give you, the teacher, insight into your students’ learning needs. Customized teaching!
  • Smart features to maintain knowledge.
  • Create and edit your content at any time with great ease.
  • Developing, maintaining and anchoring knowledge and skills.

Curious about the science behind the Drillster way of learning? Sign up for the white paper “The science behind Drillster”.

More benefits

The experiences of our healthcare partners.

With the help of Drillster, Staal & Roeland can ensure that they provide high-quality and effective education

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How is Drillster already being used in education?

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