Case video: How Credit Agricole raises customer satisfaction

Credit Agricole, a French international banking group and Europe’s largest cooperative financial institution, looked for a partner to help them improve their employees’ competencies. They were seeking continuous knowledge retention for specific topics, such as the tax system, the social protection system, and legal topics. All areas where clients need high-quality advice nowadays. Therefore, Credit Agricole decided to work with Nouvelles Donnes, a consulting and training firm specialized in improving sales efficiency for banks and insurance companies, and Drillster.

With the use of the Drillster smart learning tool integrated into Nouvelles Donnes, employees could learn whenever and wherever they like, they gained control over their learning path and started getting insights into their current and future levels of knowledge, which led to an increase in their self-confidence. Therefore, Credit Agricole elevate its customer service, resulting in a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

Watch this video to learn more:

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