Case story: Dutch Police

Behavioral change | 06-09-22

Did you already see this excellent case story by our partner Xprtise?

In The Netherlands, every police officer-to-be will first go to the Police Academy for their initial training. After that, learning doesn’t stop of course. All employees continue to learn and progress in their careers. Therefore, the organization is always looking to innovate and optimize its learning & development programs. In order to further improve some Police Academy programs, Xprtise was asked to help.

Saskia Huussen, Project Manager & Consultant at Xprtise: “We’ve taken a lot of the theory out of a traditionally two-weeks training course. With the help of Drillster, employees can learn and practice these lessons independently – at a time when they want to. So, with the basic knowledge taken out of the course, no time has to be spent on this during the training week. The focus can now be on the critical tasks, while other tasks are learned independently before and after using Drillster and AskDelphi for support on the job. Instead of a week, it now only takes a day and a half for the theory, while practical training time takes up the rest. In-person training time is thus used much more efficiently.”

For more information and whopping results, check out the full case story on the website of Xprtise.