Visualizing the Drillster DNA

Blog / Nieuws | 24-11-20


Since starting in 2011, Drillster has been helping numerous institutions and companies to develop and retain skills and knowledge. We have learned and grown a lot. We met many inspiring people, we developed continuously, and we became stronger. It is a never-ending exciting journey, and we made it to this day with an amazing team of proud employees and partners. All that happened because we live and hold on to our core values.

Introducing Drillster DNA

A few years back, we decided to capture and establish our identity. We asked both our clients and our team members to see how they perceived Drillster and what was typical for Drillster and its employees. We gathered various answers, but remarkably they all came down to four core values. These values, or what we usually call ‘Drillster DNA,’ consist of Passion, Knowledge, Development, and Reliability. This might sound a little corny, and we are aware of that, but that doesn’t make it less true!

At Drillster, every team member works with passion to help people get the best out of their capabilities every day. By staying knowledgeable and up to date, we have an ambition to continuously improve and adapt to the market, technology, and educational science developments. Doing this, we keep developing our products and services, while also developing ourselves. While first and foremost, we value being reliable for our partners, clients, and fellow team members.

Visualizing the abstract

Recently, we decided to visualize the Drillster DNA in our office. To make this happen, we asked Guy Verbeek, a talented mural artist based in The Netherlands, to give his interpretation of our core values. According to Guy, it was an interesting challenge to interpret Drillster’s DNA into visuals and shapes, especially as it consists of emotion and behavior related words. “They are fairly abstract values. It’s intriguing to visualize something like reliability.”, said Guy. 

After the creative process, Guy managed to develop four illustrations of each of our core values. Each illustration was inspired by various parts of our life;

  • Passion: The praying hands and the road leading to the top of mountains resemble our efforts and dedication towards our goals. 
  • Reliability: The mountaineering carabiner and helping hands resemble our trustworthiness and data security, which we highly value at Drillster.
  • Development: The construction and a sprout resemble development and growth throughout the years. Both of our products/services and our people.
  • Knowledge: The book, atom, lamp, and other science-related icons resemble our knowledge in the scientifically based methods that Drillster uses to develop the technology.

This artwork is now a daily reminder of who we are and what we stand for, not only for our colleagues, but also for everyone else who passes through our office. Hopefully, it can continuously bring out the Drillster DNA to everyone in the team, to stay true to our core values, and help us reach our goals.