Drillster soutient The Shift Project dans sa mission de durabilité

Blog / Nouvelles | 14-07-20

Drillster met des services à disposition de « The Shift Project » dans le but de renforcer le partage de connaissances concernant la durabilité

Global warming. Fossil fuels. Depleting energy sources. The list goes on.
Everyone all over the world is facing these challenges and Drillster is keen to do its bit towards achieving sustainability and improving the way we handle raw materials and energy on a global scale. Through Léni Maroglou, Head of Development of the Digital Professional Training department at Nouvelles Donnes Group, Drillster came into contact with The Shift Project. Since Nouvelles Donnes, a management consulting company, uses Drillster, Léni was familiar with the adaptive learning app. One thing led to another, and now Drillster is available free of charge to all The Shift Project members to develop and anchor crucial knowledge. We talked to Léni about the project.

First of all, can you tell us a bit more about The Shift Project?

« The Shift Project (TSP) is a fast-growing French non-profit organization. Basically, it is a think tank that advocates the shift to an economy that is not dependent on fossil fuels. The organization is dedicated to informing and influencing the debate about the energy transition in Europe through scientific objectivity. To achieve this, we collect research and evidence. On top of that, we make strategic plans to help people and politicians understand what climate change is and how it works exactly. But we are also looking at the various options for being more sustainable in the way we treat our planet. The goal is to create more awareness of climate change and to involve people in the solution. »

More information about The Shift Project is available on the website.

You are closely involved in the project. When did you decide to join TSP?

« I’ve been worried about the ecological challenges our world is facing for a long time. When I became a father for the first time two years ago, that was the trigger. I knew I had to do something. I had to contribute. So I joined TSP to help spread knowledge of ecological issues. »

What is your role within the organization?

« I am an active member of ‘The Shift’ and I contribute to the projects with the aim of creating a content database with information about ecological issues, such as climate change, physics, how energy is produced, etc. We want to make this valuable information widely known. First of all, by all the people within our own organization. This will enable all members to develop, maintain and anchor their knowledge and skills. This is where Drillster comes in… »

How do you use Drillster?

« I’m working with a team to make the information available in Drillster. We create various drills (short assessment-based learning modules) on crucial topics. That way we can spread the knowledge throughout the organization and make sure everyone keeps their knowledge up to date. I already work with Drillster at Nouvelles Donnes, so I knew it was exactly the tool I needed to anchor the knowledge with other TSP members. I approached Marco van Sterkenburg, Drillster’s CEO, and in support of our business, he offered to let us use the learning application free of charge, so we could get one step closer to our goal. »

How does it contribute to the organization?

« The Drillster application allows us to easily work together to create a lot of educational material, get feedback and improve it. It’s a powerful and efficient way of improving the content, but also of passing on knowledge to all our passionate members and anchoring it. We are very grateful for that. »

Last but not least, where can we read more about TSP?

“ »Our website has a lot of information about TSP and different sources and research. You can also follow developments on our social media channels. » LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

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