Drillster and APeL establish a strategic partnership

Blog / Nouvelles | 25-01-22

Drillster and APeL join forces to drive the use of new technologies in training.

Drillster is teaming up with APeL, the Spanish e-Learning Providers Association, establishing a powerful strategic partnership. The cooperation aims to spread the advantages of the Drillster adaptive learning method to boost knowledge in organizations. This will give companies an increased competitive edge and improve services to citizens in public institutions. 

APeL is the sector’s benchmark for public administrations and other national and foreign organizations interested in the Spanish market. With Drillster as a new partner, the association can now promote technology, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and a smart algorithm all wrapped into a single adaptive learning application. Data analytics and a personalized learning path for each individual enable more effective and more efficient knowledge acquisition, thereby saving time and money. Whereas traditional learning results in a peak of knowledge around the moment of training, Drillster ensures that the knowledge and skills acquired are retained throughout the year. This is possible by calculating everyone’s individual forgetting curve and making sure knowledge is repeated in time and so anchored in the long term. 

José Manual Caballero, manager at APeL: “This partnership deal strengthens our value proposition based on the excellence of the main innovative e-learning entities in Spain, which integrate new technologies with training to boost knowledge in organizations and society.”  

“We are delighted with the partnership with APeL,” Marco van Sterkenburg, CEO and co-founder of Drillster, adds. “This collaboration will reinforce our position in Spain, enabling us to help many more organizations and their employees with learning, thereby reinforcing and retaining knowledge and skills to ultimately work smarter, better, safer and more efficiently, and reduce costs.”