Get Certified by Drillster

Are you an instructional drill designer? Do you create the best learning content? Do you know the 10 Drill Design Principles by heart? Do you design perfect drill question variants and compelling drill stories? Yes? Then you can become Certified by Drillster!

Drill quality assurance

The Certified by Drillster mark stands for learning content quality. Quality content is important for the user experience, a stronger learning effect, and the overall learning goal of your organization. Everyone benefits from good drill content. To make sure that drills are created in the best way possible, we have developed a Certified by Drillster course to anchor drill design knowledge. We all know that knowledge fades when it is not regularly maintained. And even if you create drills every day, it is still important to keep all design principles top of mind. So do the course (fill out form below), get Certified by Drillster, and stay that way by brushing up on your knowledge when the Drillster app reminds you to.

The certificate is valid until the end of March 2022, when we host the new annual Certified by Drillster-event. You will be invited to the event! But don’t worry, when your drill knowledge is still on point, you will be recertified next year.

Gert (KLM Cargo) gets Certified

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