Leveraging AI to uncover and fix DEI gaps

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Uncover and fix DEI gaps

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are the basis for prosperity and success in any organization, however, most organizations only pay attention to DEI-related topics periodically. In this approach, DEI knowledge and awareness will surely improve during campaigns, but it will also quickly fade away once the campaigns have ended. The forgetting curve kicks in shortly after a DEI training or campaign has ended. This is when the DEI knowledge gap starts to develop.

Foster sustainable impact

The Drillster app can help you detect the DEI knowledge gap and immediately fix it. Do you want to know more about how to make DEI awareness more than just a moment? Or how to make a continuous, personalized process that fosters a sustainable impact for the organization and all people in it? Request our information package and get started with our continuous DEI learning program to ensure a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization. All you need to do is to fill out the form below!

Information package: Leveraging AI to uncover and fix DEI gaps