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Increase cognizance or awareness? Drillster can increase the efficiency of any course or training. Check our solutions and examples of areas where Drillster has made a positive contribution.

Our solutions…

Learn about how Drillster can provide a solution for you business or educational challenge…

PE Permanent Education
Searching for a solution for your Permanent Education program? Learn how Drillster can help you organise and build a Permanent Education program that really touches the core of a long lasting learning experience.
Safety training
Do you want your employees to be always aware of and working according to the latest required safety rules and regulations? Learn how you can learn, reinforce and retain that knowledge.
Give your employees a real kickstart with an effective and powerful onboarding training. Take your fresh recruits quickly to the required levels of proficiency and let them shine!
Do you want to test the proficiency levels of your staff? Drillster offers you the possibility to do diagnostic testing. Learn more about the test possibilities with our application.
Exam training
Test stress, sound familiar? Did I study enough? Do I really master the subject? With Drillster you have in realtime insight in your own proficiency. Curious how to work towards an ultimate but stressless result?
Distance learning
Long distance learning. Ideal in a society that keeps on getting more and more busy. But how do you stay motivated? How do you prevent people from dropping out? Want to help your students get real results in their long distance curriculum...
Product knowledge training
Products, product features, warranty conditions and productranges are subject to constant changes. It's moving content, and solid product knowledge is key for your sales figures and customers satisfaction rates...

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