The IBOR Transition: how to train all stakeholders in a smart way

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Before the 1st of January 2022, new interest reference rates will be implemented in the financial services industry. This Reference Rate Reform – or IBOR Transition – project has a huge global impact on all players in the financial services industry. Financial products, ICT systems and millions of client contracts need to be modified. Additionally, every staff member needs to be trained on knowledge, awareness and skills, with all stakeholders being informed. 

The implementation of the new interest reference rates is monitored by the various national financial authorities. Financial services providers need to be able to prove that they are compliant with all regulations in time, therefore, it is crucial to start developing the interest rate reform training today. Training your staff and other stakeholders is an important part of the IBOR transition project. 

Smart learning for a successful Reference Rate Reform

How do you make sure that all stakeholders are informed in time, and that they can remember, reproduce, and apply their new knowledge on the job?

We created an information package to help you take the first steps to educate your employees and other stakeholders in the best possible way. Fill out this form and you will receive the package in your mailbox immediately.

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