The Learning Network and Drillster offer schools digital licenses

Help to schools

Now that all Dutch schools are closed as a result of the corona crisis, online education needs to be widely implemented and applied. Drillster already has a significant footprint in education through partnerships with Dutch educational service provider The Learning Network (TLN) and various educational publishers. Last month, it was announced that until the end of this school year, digital licenses will be issued free of charge to schools that did not yet have digital support for their teaching materials. In this way, every student can get access to digital education. This means that more teachers will work with Drillster to facilitate distance learning.

Ready for distance learning

TLN – formerly Van Dijk – will introduce teachers and others from the world of education to the Drillster application. To ensure that teachers have the right skills to set up online education, TLN provides drill design workshops. In a webinar, an instructional designer from TLN explains how teachers can design drills. How do you make good questions and stories? What about question and answer variants? When do you work with so-called ‘hot spots’? And how do you keep the drills challenging for students? Based on the 10 Drill Design Principles, teachers are prepared for online distance learning.

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