Always certified employees

In your industry, professional competency is extremely important. Without certification or the relevant quality mark, your employees are simply not cleared to work. But it often turns out to be highly time-consuming and stressful for your employees to renew their certification every year.

Sufficiently trained but not stressed out

Drillster now lets you make your employees’ competency levels verifiable and transparent the whole year round, both for employees themselves and for the industry regulator. This way, getting certified or renewing a certification becomes a stress-free confirmation of your competency. After all, you already knew that you are fit for the job and ready for every task, thanks to our smart application. No more surprises, always ready for every kind of test. That gives you ease, peace, and confidence. 

In practice…

You’ve got all the certificates you need and yet there is confusion in the workplace that leads to employees making mistakes.

Sound familiar? Everyone makes mistakes, it’s only human. But keeping the number of mistakes, accidents or near-accidents down to a minimum in your organization is still a key objective for you. However, despite all your efforts in organizing training and tests, error rates are only dropping slightly. Why is that?

Classroom-based training, testing or an e-learning module are forms of short-term learning. Almost immediately after completing your training, the forgetting process sets in. Within a week, your knowledge and/or skill levels will have dropped by around 70% to 80%! If knowledge and skills are not used and maintained, they will fade rapidly, and your learning efforts will have been in vain.

The Drillster method doesn’t only facilitate knowledge development for your employees, it also makes sure that they maintain and ultimately truly retain knowledge. This will really make error rates go down. It ensures that the right employee has the right skills at the right time, the whole year-round.

One of the major banks in the Netherlands, Rabobank, uses Drillster in a range of ways. Due to positive results, Rabobank is no also using the Drillster app in its long-term learning programs. Recently, 40.000 Rabobank employees learned all the key ins and outs of new EU privacy protection legislation (GDPR) using the Drillster app. Furthermore, Rabobank uses Drillster for onboarding, the upkeep of specific professional knowledge, and other learning challenges.

Want to find out how Rabobank is using this smart learning method and what the results are? Let Rabobank’s learning practices inspire you.

Other solutions…

Learn about our other solutions and the way the are applied in practice…

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