New login screen and easier Single Sign-On

We have been working hard (from home of course) to improve our learning application, and we would like to inform you about a change that we made: we created a new login screen for both the mobile and web applications.

What does that mean?

Instead of having to write down your email addresses and password in one screen, you now first fill in your email address. Afterward, you can enter your password. It is a minor change, and it will not affect you or other users. We will roll out the new login screen gradually in the coming days. Therefore, it can happen that you still end up in the previous login page once or twice. Eventually, that will disappear.

What’s in it for you?

Although it doesn’t seem like a big change in the front end, in the back end it provides us with the possibility to make your life easier. How, you ask?

For companies that use Microsoft Azure or OpenID Connect, it enhances the Single Sign-On possibilities. With Single Sign-On, users can safely use the authentication mechanism of their organization/LMS/etc. to log in to Drillster. Consequently, they don’t need a Drillster password anymore and can use their company account to get access to the Drillster environment to practice their drills as usual. This can be a big improvement in the user experience. Moreover, it is more secure.

Do you use Microsoft Azure or OpenID Connect, and do you want to make use of Single Sign-On? Send an email to, or give us a call +31883750500. 

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