Partner experience case

Mr. Roberto Yep, Director of Profiles International Perú

Can you present yourself and the organization that you work for?

I am an entrepreneur and business executive with 35+ years of experience in industries such as electrical/electronics, telecommunications, and general business & talent management consulting. At the beginning of 2002, I took over as National Director of Profiles for the Peruvian market. Since that time and for almost 17 years, we are being acknowledged as the leading provider of quality assurance and quality management tools and solutions in the Peruvian market.


What was the learning challenge or business problem for the Drillster application as a solution?

One of the challenges that our Clients and Partners are facing is related to the anchoring and retention of essential business knowledge within their workforces, both hard skills and soft skills. Because of the unique approach of the Drillster solutions, we are excited that we finally have a smart way to measure those requirements effectively and efficiently.


What was the impact of Drillster on the learning challenge or business problem?

Drillster solutions have been quite effective in solving learning challenges, especially those related to retaining the required level of knowledge, thus impacting directly in our Clients’ and Partners’ results, by improving revenue, reducing costs or both. Furthermore, Drillster adaptive feature allows users to learn at their own pace and the ability to demonstrate the current and future knowledge is also an invaluable function.


In your opinion, what is the most valuable function or feature of the Drillster application?

We think that the most valuable feature of the Drillster solution is the ability to calculate, for each individual employee, how and when knowledge declines if not maintained or reinforced; so, Drillster triggers a notification to warn the employee to review a drill.


For which type of learning topics do you use Drillster?

Our Clients and Partners use Drillster for compliance and certification, terminology, code of conduct, procedures, product training, customer service, contact center, and sales.


If you would recommend Drillster to other organizations, what would you tell them?

If you keep doing what you have always done. It is time for you to take advantage of modern technologies, in particular, Artificial Intelligence techniques to increase ROI or your training investment and impact on your bottom line. Drillster will be quite effective in achieving that objective.

Interview with an End User


Laura Villavicencio

Client Service Manager

Diners Club Peru
Used Drillster for training program:

For which training program did you use Drillster?

We launched an introductory program with a selected group of agents in our contact
center, to try and confirm the suitability of the Drillster solution in our operations. Our goal was to check how effective it would be to reinforce the training of our agents in
topics like product training and updates, processes, and policies related to credit cards
customer service.


How did you experience the use of the Drillster application?

We found out that the Drillster solution is dynamic and can be used flexibly with various
devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets, in multiple environments, not
only at our premises. This feature makes it easier and more effective the learning
process and improves dramatically the learner’s experience.


If you had to mention one function or feature that you most valued when using the
Drillster application, what would it be?

For us, the most valuable function of Drillster is its ability to calculate how and when the
required knowledge of each individual employee falls below a preset acceptable level
and the automatic sending of a reminder to refresh the subject by taking again the
corresponding drill.


If you would recommend Drillster to a colleague, what would you tell your colleague?

Drillster is an interactive and adaptive learning solution that can be used with multiple
products and/or services to take traditional training methods to a much higher level in
terms of time, effectiveness, and retention, thus improving considerably the training

Also, considering that it is a digital platform, Drillster allows to easily adjust performance
indicators and to take the required actions that will assure the accomplishment of
corporate outcomes as required in the operations and services.

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