Based on educational science

Drillster was born out of frustration in real-life practice but is based on science. Curious? Take a look and discover on which scientific studies the Drillster methodology is based.

How do you reinforce your knowledge and skills?

Knowledge decreases rapidly if you don’t maintain it. So when you learn very hard and you don’t do anything with the lesson material anymore, then all your effort has been in vain. This was already known in 1885 when the German scientist Ebbinghaus published his research on the process of learning and forgetting. He discovered the ‘forgetting curve’. Within two weeks your newly acquired knowledge already decreases by about 60 to 70%. Very frustrating. It was precisely this frustration that led us to look for a solution in educational science, neuroscience, and technology. How do we ensure that knowledge is easy to retrieve from the brain when you really need it? In other words: what makes it stick?

“Drillster learns with you, from you and for you!”

Powerful combination

The founders of Drillster found their answers in education science and neuroscience. Studying all kinds of different research and methods and combining the findings with modern technology ultimately led to the creation of the Drillster method. A question-based, adaptive way of learning that makes it easier to build, maintain and anchor knowledge, both now and in the future.

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